Five Day Study & Practice Retreat – Buddhist Foundations of Mindfulness – The Big Picture
(Guest Course Bodhi College)
Mon 18 – Sat February 23, course no. 19.04

Akiñcano M. Weber and John Peacock, assistance Yuka Nakamura (English)
The Construction of Experience: This stand-alone retreat is the third in a series of four that examines Buddhist roots of contemporary mindfulness based applications; it focuses, from a Buddhist psychological perspective, on the frameworks known as the Aggregates (khandha) and Dependent Arising (paticca-samuppda). These teachings offer effective maps to navigate the complexity of what we call «experience». They also open up possibilities for insight into distress patterns running through our everyday lives and offer transformative tools dealing with the dynamics of «becoming» and «identification» as understood in Buddhist psychology.
Format: Mornings will be dedicated to silent, sustained practice. Afternoons and evenings will be opportunities for collective inquiry and personal practice.
Requirements: The retreat, while primarily aimed at people teaching Mindfulness Based Applications or in training to do so, is also open to people with experience of previous silent meditation retreats who are interested in the dialogue between the early teachings of mindfulness and contemporary applications.
Important: This is a stand-alone and donation-based module. While we encourage following all four retreats it is possible to attend only this one.
Bookings: Registration needs to be done via Bodhi College first. Please read here for a fuller description of the retreat: https:/bodhi-college.org/int/events/the-big-picture

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